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Best Asset Operations and Maintenance Management Software


Prism makes Digital Transformation easy for Operations and Maintenance Team

Prism is a Cloud-based, IoT-based Asset Operations and Maintenance Management Solution that helps the Operations Team monitor the assets and processes, and the Maintenance Team manage the maintenance operations more efficiently.

CMMS, Web based SCADA, Data Historian, Secure Remote Access, and IoT Edge are the collection of tools that Prism offers to Operations and Maintenance Team.


Begin Digital Transformation from your gadget 

Prism helps the maintenance team digitize the daily maintenance operations, increase asset uptime, manage the assets and parts inventory, plan preventive maintenance works more efficiently.

  • Breakdown Maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Assets Inventory

  • Spare Parts inventory

  • Smart Team Collaboration

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports

  • Alerts & Notifications

Unlimited Work Requests

Add unlimited requesters in Prism. Anyone in the plant can raise maintenance request from their phone. The maintenance team gets notified immediately.  Anyone in the maintenance team can approve the work request, assign to himself or other technician. 


Maintenance Work Orders

Handle the Work Orders of different kind like Preventive, Breakdown, Inspection, Safety. Add Approvers in the work orders who approves before starting the work and after completing the work.

Assets Management

Maintain all assets master data in Prism. Ascertain the asset's performance and condition truly based on data. Optimize the preventive Maintenance operations, increase the asset's operational efficiency.


Spare Parts Inventory

Maintain the spare parts master data in Prism. Get notified for any parts to be purchased when it reaches the minimum count. Check parts consumption report.

parts inventoy

Preventive Maintenance Task Checklists

Upload unlimited Preventive Maintenance task checklists. Create PM checklists and Schedule it for all your plant equipments. Get alerts from Prism before the due date.


Prism IoT Edge

Prism IoT Edge supports industry standard communication protocols like Modbus, OPC-UA, Ethernet/IP, BACNet/IP, S7, Melsec, OMRON, and FINS. Connect all the assets to Prism IoT Edge. Collect real-time data from Sensors and PLCs every second. Let Prism trigger Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Work Order.

Web based SCADA

Design SCADA screens to visualize the industrial processes running across multiple plants live on web browser. Use your custom SCADA symbols to design the screens. Monitor the processes from anywhere.


Data Historian

Persist the IO tags data for years in Prism. Create custom reports on the data. Visualize the trend of the pattern. Set notification rules for anomalies.

Data Historian

Secure Remote Access

Access the Industrial Operational Technology (OT) Network devices like PLC, Robots, CNC, HMI, etc. from remote over a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) Tunnel.


Empower the Maintenance Team

Save your team's time in updating the work orders, identifying assets' locations, preparing reports for audit compliance and monthly status meeting, etc. Shorter Mean Time To Resolve (MTTR) helps increase the asset's uptime.


reports help to optimize the preventive maintenance work


save in team's time handling work orders

Improved Operational Efficiency on Connected Assets

Prism makes you stay connected with your factory operations always.  With the help of Prism, The Operations Team makes an informed decision to optimize the process and improve the asset's operational efficiency.

  • Data Acquisition System that supports various protocols

  • Intuitive web-based SCADA

  • Data Historian that stores millions of sensor data points

  • Assets Overall Equipment Efficiency metrics

  • Custom notifications rules

  • Custom reports

  • Predictive Maintenance for connected assets










Robomon proved to be the most efficient, reliable, and secure solution for monitoring and remote controlling our brand new UR Cobots fleet, with exceptional guidance from Daacworks which supported every single request we had in a professional and proactive manner. I thank you for that. It's a pleasure doing business with you

Dror Zamir

Computer System Engineer

Perrigo, Israel


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