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Online Effluent Treatment Plant Monitoring and Maintenance  System


All in one software for ETP O&M Team

Streamline Your ETP Operations with our Powerful, All-in-One Solution. Monitor, Maintain, and Optimize Your Effluent Treatment Plant with Ease. Unlock Efficiency, Compliance, and Cost Savings with Prism Software

To know more about how does Effluent Treatment Plant work, refer How Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) works? page.

Web based SCADA

Visual representations of process data in the form of intuitive and interactive web-based dashboards. View real-time data, such as sensor readings, process values, and alarms, in graphical formats like charts, graphs.

Key Parameters to monitor

  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) mg/l

  • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) mg/l

  • Total Suspended Solid (TSS)

  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

  • Total dissolved solid (TDS)

  • E.Coli cfu

  • Total Residue Chlorine (TRC)

  • Oil & Grease

  • Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

  • Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC)

  • Spectral Absorption  Coefficient (SAC)

  • Surface Over Flow Rate

  • PH Value

  • Temperature

  • Influent Flow rate

  • Energy

  • Turbidity

  • Total Phosphorus

  • Total Nitrogen

  • Total Ammonium

  • Total Potassium

  • Conductivity

  • Salt level

  • Weir Flow Rate


Breakdown Maintenance

Empower Your ETP Team with Real-Time Breakdown Maintenance Management on the Go. Access past Maintenance History, Technical Manuals from phone to resolve any issue quickly.


Predictive Maintenance

Our Software Harnesses Machine Learning to Enable Proactive Equipment Maintenance. Predict and Prevent Equipment Failures with Advanced Analytics and AI Algorithms. Maximize Uptime, Optimize Maintenance Schedules, and Reduce Costs by Addressing Issues Before They Occur. Stay Ahead of the Curve with ML-Based Predictive Maintenance for Reliable and Efficient Operations


Permit to Work

Our Prism CMMS Software empowers Efficient Permit-to-Work Management. Streamline Permit Approvals, Track Work Activities, and Ensure Safe Operations. Mitigate Risks, Achieve Regulatory Compliance, and Foster a Culture of Safety with our Comprehensive Permit-to-Work Solution


Spare Parts Inventory

Prism enables Real-Time Tracking of Spare Parts Inventory. Stay Informed with Automatic Notifications When Live Stock Falls Below Minimum Count. Never Run Out of Critical Spare Parts Again and Minimize Downtime. Streamline Procurement, Optimize Inventory Levels.


SAP/ERP Integration

Prism software Seamlessly Integrates with Leading ERP/SAP Solutions, Ensuring Smooth Data Flow and Streamlined Operations. Unify Your Business Processes, Enhance Efficiency, and Eliminate Data Silos. Maximize Productivity, Gain Real-Time Insights, and Simplify Workflows with Our Powerful ERP/SAP Integration.


Mobile Application

Prism App empowers Maintenance Technicians with Quick Access to Maintenance History, Easy Equipment Location via QR Code Scanning, and Instant Access to Technical Manuals. Simplify Maintenance Tasks, Reduce Downtime, and Empower Technicians with the Tools They Need for Efficient and Effective Maintenance Work


Data Historian

collect and store real-time and historical data from various sensors, instruments, and control systems within the plant. Identify patterns, anomalies, and deviations from desired operating conditions. demonstrate compliance with discharge limits and permit requirements


Preventive Maintenance

Upload all the Preventive Maintenance Tasks and Schedule them as per the equipment supplier's recommendations using Our User-Friendly Maintenance Scheduler and Planner. Maximize Equipment Uptime.


Maintenance KPI

Track and Analyze Key Metrics such as MTBF, MTTR, etc. Drive Data-Driven Decisions and Improve Maintenance Strategies with Clear Performance Indicators. Maximize Uptime, Minimize Costs, and Streamline Maintenance Processes with our Comprehensive KPI Tracking Solution.


Asset Inventory

Our Centralized Assets Inventory empowers Efficient Tracking of Warranty, AMC Dues, and Present Values. Access Maintenance History Cards and Generate Comprehensive Maintenance Reports with Ease.Optimize Maintenance Planning, Enhance Equipment Performance, and Maximize Asset Lifecycle with our Powerful Asset Management Solution


Meter Reading

Our Software Enables Electrical and Utilities Technicians to Log Meter Readings via a Mobile App, Eliminating Paperwork Hassles. Leverage IoT Edge Software to Automate Meter Reading Processes, Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy



Prism Software Keeps Users Notified Through Mobile App, WhatsApp, SMS, and Chrome Extension. Receive Real-Time Updates, Alerts, and Reminders Anywhere, Anytime. Stay on Top of Critical Tasks, Collaborate Effectively, and Ensure Efficient Communication with our Multi-Channel Notification System.

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