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Prism IoT Edge


Connect to industrial things... Collect Device Data...
Control from anywhere...

Connect the Industrial assets

We know that you own different kind of industrial assets which are meant for different purposes. Connecting all of them for the digital transformation is a nightmare.

Prism IoT Edge helps you connect them to your cloud in a few minutes to have a smooth digital transformation.

Collect Device Data

Each industrial asset generates tons of data at every second. It is cumbersome to extract relevant and meaningful information from the data.

Prism IoT Edge high-performance Device Poller engine facilitates collecting a large number of IO tags from different assets every second.

Check out the performance benchmark

Protocols Supported:

  • Modbus TCP/UDP/RTU

  • BACNet/IP

  • EtherNet/IP


  • Melsec

  • FINS

  • OPC-UA

Control from anywhere

Downtime of your industrial assets is very costly which affects the manufacturing process.

Prism IoT Edge enables you to access your assets from anywhere to solve any problem.

Secure Connection

Prism provides Virtual Private Network (VPN ) connection between the technical expert and the industrial assets like PLC, CNC, VFD, Robots and etc.

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