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Streamline Dairy Plant Maintenance with Prism Software


Efficiently Manage and Optimize Maintenance Operations for your Dairy Plants

Asset Management

Effectively track and manage all your dairy plant assets, from milk reception equipments and to storage tanks and processing systems. Gain full visibility into asset performance, maintenance history.


Schedule the Preventive Maintenance Task Procedures

Work Order Management

Simplify work order creation, assignment, and tracking. Streamline communication between maintenance technicians, supervisors, and other stakeholders, ensuring efficient task execution and timely completion of the regular maintenance work of the dairy plant's critical equipment like Milk Pasteurizer, Homogenizer, Chillers, and Dairy Pumping Systems.

Inventory and Spare Parts Management

Maintain accurate inventory levels of spare parts and consumables. Optimize inventory management to prevent stockouts, improve cost control, and streamline procurement processes


Mobile Accessibility

Access the software from any mobile device, enabling your maintenance team to view work orders, update task status, and access equipment documentation and manuals on the go. Enhance productivity and responsiveness with mobile capabilities

IoT based Connected CMMS

By connecting equipment and leveraging IoT capabilities, get insights into equipment health, performance, and maintenance requirements. Enhance Maintenance Efficiency, Optimize Maintenance Operations and Maximize equipment uptime. IoT enables Predictive and condition-based maintenance, and improve overall asset management.


Software Integration


Real-time synchronization with SAP, ERP, and WhatsApp ensures accurate data flow between systems, eliminates manual entry, optimizes spare parts inventory and procurement, avoids stockouts, and controls costs.

Our Prism software is tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of dairy plant maintenance



  • Streamline Maintenance Workflows

  • Enhance team collaboration

  • Eliminate Manual Processes

  • Reduce Paperwork

Improved Maintenance Efficiency

Increased Equipment Performance

  • Proactive equipment Maintenance

  • Minimize unexpected breakdowns

  • Maximize equipment uptime

Cost Optimization

  • Optimize maintenance schedules

  • Reduce Emergency Repairs

  • Manage Spare Parts effectively

  • Get higher Return on Investment


Unlock Maintenance Excellence

for your Plant

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