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Asset Management

With the help of Prism, ascertain the asset's performance and condition truly based on real-time data, optimize the preventive maintenance operations, and increase the asset's operational efficiency.


Maintenance KPIs

Get insight on assets downtime, maintenance cost, list of parts used, Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), Mean Time To Resolve (MTTR).

Assets Inventory

Add or Import all the asset details into Prism. Get notified before warranty and AMC service due dates. Record the asset's service details done by the service technician or the vendor.

Keep the required technical manuals in Prism for all the assets. This will help your technician access it whenever they need to troubleshoot any critical issue.


Preventive Maintenance

Create the scheduled maintenance work orders for the assets on Prism. Add task checklists to the work orders. Track the maintenance progress. 

Create shared work order by including multiple assets, assign to multiple technicians.

Performance Monitoring

Connect the machines and equipments to the Prism IoT Edge gateway. Collect the real-time data from the assets every second. Monitor the critical parameters from remote. Improve the OEE metrics of the equipments.

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