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Effective Maintenance Work Orders Management

The maintenance team can handle the preventive, predictive and breakdown maintenance work orders on Prism CMMS. The complete life cycle of the maintenance work orders are tracked easily by the maintenance managers or supervisors.

The real benefit of using Prism CMMS software is that

> users can get tedious rid of paper work

- 87% of user's time is saved from book keeping

Maintenance Team acts immediately for any machine breakdown

- 30% increase in team's productivity

Maintenance Supervisor plans the preventive maintenance works more wisely

- 25% increase in machine's uptime

Anyone in the plant can use the Prism Mobile App to raise maintenance request against the maintenance team. All the maintenance team members gets notified on their phone or via email. Either the supervisor can assign the work to one of his maintenance technicians or the technician can assign it to himself.

Attributes of Maintenance Work Order


Pre-approvers - To get approval from someone before starting the work on the asset or machine. For example, to get safety approval before starting the maintenance work on a particular machine


Post-approvers - To get approval from someone after completing the work. for example, to get quality approval before start using the machine for production




Short summary about the work order


Asset or machine for which the work order is created


Four categories Inspection, Preventive, Breakdown, Safety


High, Medium, Low


Detailed information to be mentioned


Open - New work order is created and assigned to a technician


Submitted - Work is done by the technician and submitted for manager review

Completed - Work is reviewed and completed. sent for acknowledgement to the work request initiator

Paused - Work is paused by the technician due to some reason

Acknowledged -  Work is acknowledged by the work request initiator


The work order can be created once with a due date or scheduled weekly/monthly or after a fixed number of days

Due date

The work order is expected to complete on or before the given Date


List of tasks to be performed by the technician


Conversation between supervisor and technician related to the work order are stored


Photos of the asset can be attached by the technician before and After completing the work


In case if any part is to be replaced, the technician can mention the part and its quantity

Bill of Material

If the manager wants to mention the spare parts to be used for the work order, he can create a bill of material and mention the same.

New Maintenance Request

Add unlimited requested users in the Prism CMMS Software. The requesters can use the QR code scanner in the  mobile app to identify the asset, raises maintenance work request.

Work Order Timeline view

The timeline view of a work order provides the insight on how the work order has been handled by the maintenance team with respect to timeline.

Shared Work Orders

The Maintenance supervisor or the manager may want to plan some inspection works across multiple assets for which they can create a single work order by including multiple assets and multiple technicians.

Bulk import of Work Orders

The Maintenance team can prepare the list of maintenance work orders in a .csv file, and upload the same in Prism.

Bulk import of machine failure reason codes

Get the list of failure reason codes from  the machine vendors for each type of equipments. Upload the failure reason codes in Prism.


While working on the breakdown work order, the technician can mention the respective failure reason code depending on the asset's failure.

The maintenance manager or supervisor will be able to appreciate the common failures being faced by his team in all the equipments from the reports available in Prism

Work Order Calendar view

In the calendar view, The maintenance manager or supervisor can get a quick view about his maintenance team's engagement current week and month. It's easy for the maintenance planner to plan the maintenance work on the assets.

Work Order Summary data

The Maintenance team can download the work order summary data by applying filter on one or more work order attributes.

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