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Best CMMS Software on Cloud

A Smart Digital Assistant for Assets Operations and Maintenance Team to excel on their daily accomplishments

Automate the Maintenance Workflow


Operations and Maintenance Managers, Facility Managers, Plant Heads 

Team Productivity
Assets Uptime
Operational Efficiency

You are just one step away from Digital Transformation

Mobile View

Work Order Management 

Anyone in the plant can raise a breakdown maintenance request on Prism Mobile App to Maintenance Team. Everyone in the maintenance team gets notified on their phone. Plan efficiently the preventive maintenance work orders in the work orders Calendar view. Download the weekly/monthly summary reports from the Chart view.

  • Unlimited Preventive Maintenance Work Orders

  • Unlimited Breakdown Maintenance Work Orders

  • Unlimited Maintenance Work Requests

  • Well defined Process in place for safety and quality check

  • Zero paperwork. Zero human error. Zero communication gap.

Asset Management

Maintain the assets inventory on Prism. Monitor the Maintenance Key Performance Indicators on daily basis. IoT - based Preventive Maintenance on assets helps the Operations and Maintenance Team save time, and money, and extends the asset's lifetime.

  • MTTR, MTBF reports across assets

  • Cost of Asset Maintenance

  • Asset Downtime details

  • Type of failure reasons


Spare Parts Inventory

Maintain your spare parts inventory on Prism. Get notified when the available part count reaches the minimum count. Integrate Prism with your existing ERP system to be in synch on spare parts inventory. Create Bill of Materials templates and use them in the maintenance work orders. 


30+ reports that help the Operations and Maintenance Team make an informed decision to optimize the maintenance operations, and enhance the asset's operational efficiency.

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports at assets level and plant level

  • Maintenance Team Performance Reports

  • Reports on Key Performance Indicators


Industries Served


Renewable Energy

Car Factory

Manufacturing Plants


Food & Beverages

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