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Unified Industrial IoT Solution

Daacoworks simplified the Industrial IoT solution for Factory owners, Production Team, Maintenance Team, System Integrators, and Machine Builders.

Industrial automation has brought tons of machines, robots, Sensors, and Programming Logic Controllers to factories to increase production output and improve quality. Automation brings in other challenges as well.

Whenever a production line or a process is automated, people with different skill sets are involved. Machine Builders or Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs), System Integrators, Production Team, and Maintenance Team are handling the industrial assets for one or the other reasons.

Machine Builders:

Machine Builders are the ones who make machines like robots, Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) Machines, etc. Robots used in the manufacturing industries are of two types: Industrial Robots and Collaborative Robots. Similar to that, CNC machines are of two types: General Purpose Machines and Special Purpose Machines. These robots and machines are used in automation to perform repetitive tasks performed by a human.

After commissioning, Machine Builders support their customers whenever any technical support query arises.

Machine Builders want to know how their machines perform so that they can improve the quality of the machines.

System Integrators:

System Integrators or turnkey solution providers are the ones who set up automation.

System Integrator's key responsibilities.

  • Understand the requirements from Production Team or Project Team

  • Identify the required systems or equipment in the market

  • Write automation logic using Programming Logic Controllers (PLCs)

  • Deploy the automated solution

System Integrators support their customers post-commissioning on a need basis.

System Integrators need a secure remote access solution to commission the automation solution, troubleshoot any technical issue, upload/download the programs

Maintenance Team:

The maintenance team monitors the health of the industrial assets. A maintenance engineer performs maintenance activities on the industrial assets periodically.

The maintenance Team wants a monitoring solution to monitor the condition of the industrial assets and alerts via email/SMS so that they can increase the uptime of the assets

Production Team:

The production team uses the automation solution for production to achieve the desired target. For any technical support, the production team contacts the maintenance team to resolve it.

The Production Team needs live and historical production data so that they can take informed decision to increase the production throughput.

IT Team:

Before implementing an Industrial IoT solution, refer to this article how to implement IIoT .

A good IIoT Solution should simplify the convergence of Operational Technology (OT) network and Information Technology (IT) network, reduce cost, and save time.

OT network has industrial devices like PLC, Robots, CNC, Special Purpose Machines, Sensors, etc. whereas the IT network has ERP system, Mail service, CRM system, other web services.

Factories have industrial assets deployed at various locations. Managing the industrial data at each location on a dedicated PC is a nightmare to the IT team.

So, the solution is to bring all the asset's real-time data to one central server and manage the assets from anywhere.

IT team needs a centralized server to store all the industrial data received from all the industrial assets deployed at different locations. So that they get an aerial view of what is happening across sites.

As seen in the above diagram, Daacoworks provides a unified Industrial IoT Solution that connects all these users in one software platform and addresses their requirements.

In the Operational Technology (OT) network, industrial assets communicate over proprietary or industry standard protocols. Most of the industrial assets use industrial standard communication protocols.

Industrial standard protocols:

  • Modbus TCP

  • Modbus UDP

  • Modbus RTU

  • EtherNet/IP

  • BACnet/IP

  • S7

  • Melsec

  • FINS

  • OPC-UA

  • others

DaacoX, the IIoT edge software has these communication capabilities. DaacoX collects the real-time data from PLC, VFD, CNC, robots, Inverters, Energy meters, sensors at every second. DaacoX software can run on any Ubuntu and Raspbian OS. Check out the performance benchmark of DaacoX software.

DaacoX, the IIoT Edge software facilitates secure remote access and collects real-time data from industrial assets.

Prism, the IIoT platform from Daacoworks offers the remote monitoring solution to monitor the production line and the health of the industrial assets.

Prism can be used for any industry. Prism offers SCADA, Data Historian, Custom Reports, Alarms, Notifications and REST API.

Prism supports both On-Premise, Hosted and Cloud solutions.

Smartlinks, the Remote Connectivity Service offers the remote connectivity solution to connect to the industrial assets from remote.

Prism, Smartlinks, and DaacoX combined provide a unified IIoT solution for Factory owners, Production Team, Maintenance Team, System Integrators, IT Team, and Machine Builders.


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