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Best Industrial IoT Platform that offers SCADA, Data Historian, Remote Access,  OEE

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Maintenance Team
Preventive Maintenance
Increase Machine Uptime
Remote Monitoring of the Process
Remote Access to Machine
System Integrators
Remote Commissioning
Remote Access to HMI/PLC/Rob
Program upload/download
IT Team
Converge OT and IT Network Manage multiple plants
Machine Manufacturers
Remote Commissioning
Remote Technical Support
Analyse Machine Condition
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Assembly line
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IoT gateway

Data logger

Operational Technology (OT) network has machines from various vendors. Each machine speaks in one or the other industry-standard protocols. Daaco-X, the IIoT edge software that understands what a machine speaks, and collects its data every second.

Daaco-X publishes the data to the Prism server over MQTTS or HTTPS

  • Connect PLC, VFD, Robots, CNC, and other industrial assets

  • Collect real-time IO tags data at every second

  • No Change in the IT network & Firewall settings.

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Protocols Supported:

  • Modbus TCP

  • Modbus UDP

  • Modbus Serial

  • EtherNet/IP

  • BACnet/IP

  • OPC-UA

  • S7

  • FINS

  • Melsec

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SCADA Designer

Create a digital twin of the machines or processes in the web-based SCADA designer tool. Monitor the current status & historical trend of critical data from anywhere. Achieve digital transformation in manufacturing plants, buildings, renewable energy, process industries, etc. through easy steps

  • Design your custom SCADA screen

  • Real-time monitoring of the Production & Process

Data Historian

Managing the tons of IO tags data received from multiple machines is indeed a challenging task. Users need a way to customize the reports what they want to see on the dashboard.

  • Define your custom reports

  • Assign it to respective users

  • Visualize the data

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AI/ML Integration

Prism platform stores three-year-old IO tag data. All machine data is accessible via REST API. Build your custom mobile and web applications fast. Integrate the AI/ML module with Prism. We can also build your custom applications as per your requirements.

Remote Access

Unexpected machine downtime affects the overall production. Not all issues need a technical expert's in-person visit to the site. Secure Remote Access to machines saves a lot of time and helps to solve technical issues quickly.

  • Connect to machines from remote

  • Troubleshoot any technical issues online

  • Upload/download programs

  • Remote Maintenance

  • Remote Commissioning

  • Increase Machine UpTime

  • Improve Production throughput

  • Save Time

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Alarm Notifications

Configure custom rules for critical parameters. Receive email & SMS notifications on time to take action.

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