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Secure Machine Access from Remote Terminal


Smartlinks is a cloud-based software service offering remote connectivity to PLC, robots, CNC, SCADA, DCS, HVAC systems, and other industrial assets.


OEMs, Machine Builders, Maintenance team, and System Integrators can connect to machines on demand, control from anywhere.


Receive critical alerts via SMS/email. Solve technical faults. Modify programs. Save huge time from travel. Stop production loss.


Bring your own device. Or we can suggest the right one which suits your requirements. DaacoX can run in Ubuntu, Raspbian OS, and Windows operating system.


DaacoX is an IoT edge gateway software, has device-agnostic, vendor-agnostic communication links to talk to any machine. Run DaacoX on your preferred device.


Using smartlinks cloud service and DaacoX edge software, you can connect to your PLCs and other machines from remote. Access the machines and their data from anywhere.


Grant secure machine access to your suppliers or technical experts to resolve the technical issue from remote. Revoke it once the purpose is accomplished. Explicit control on DaacoX edge software to enable/disable VPN tunnel. No change is required in the corporate firewall.

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Remote Access

Smartlinks provides you device-agnostic, vendor-agnostic access to your industrial assets. Troubleshoot or program your PLCs from remote. Access other systems via VNC, RDP. Watch live video stream of your facility.

Data log

DaacoX edge software logs the real-time I/O tags data from Robots, PLCs, HVAC Systems, and other devices at every second. Maximum 100 million I/O tag records can be persisted in the historian database in DaacoX edge software.


Cloud Access

Publish the I/O tags data over MQTT/HTTP(s) from DaacoX edge software to your preferred cloud servers run in AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Process these data received from multiple locations.


Configure rules in DaacoX edge software for any I/O tag value that exceeds the threshold limit. Receive SMS/email notifications immediately. Respond to the alerts by connecting to the asset from wherever you are.


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