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Remote Access to UR Cobots

Access the Universal Robot cobots remotely from browser. No additional hardware is required. Save shop floor from production loss. Check how Daacoworks provides the Remote monitoring solution for UR cobots.

While you access the UR cobots from a remote location using conventional remote desktop software like VNC, Team Viewer, there is a security threat. Check how RoboMon address the security threat.

Problem Statement

If there is any problem in the Universal Robot's cobots due to some malfunction, the shop floor has to halt its production until the expert from the robot suppliers attends the problem in person.


Provide a remote access capability to RoboMon so that the experts can connect to the UR cobots more securely and troubleshoot the problem remotely.


This feature will save the plant floor from huge production loss. On the other hand, the robot suppliers also save a lot of time from traveling to the site to solve the problem.


To have this feature in RoboMon, we decided not to bundle any commercial offering with RoboMon in order not to increase the price of RoboMon. There are some open sources available, but those are mandating us to release our proprietary source code also. We didn't want to publish our proprietary code since it is a very critical feature which allows someone to accesses the robot remotely. More than technology, security is our topmost priority. Hence, we decided to implement the end-to-end of the Remote Access feature on our own.


We want to do a prototype of Remote Access feature as part of HackDay work. We planned two days HackDay for it. It's a two-member team who worked on the Remote Access prototype. The team completed the Remote Access prototype successfully as planned.

Remote Access on RoboMon

With the lessons learned from the prototype and experience gained on the technology, the team was very much confident to build Remote Access feature on RoboMon.

Our technical team had spent a sufficient amount of time to develop the Remote Access capability on RoboMon with the following goals in the mind.

  • Security

  • Quality

  • Ease of use

Now, Remote Access feature is available on RoboMon.


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