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Secure Remote Access to UR Cobots

Generally, people try Remote Desktop Software like TeamViewer or VNC software to connect to UR cobots. There is a serious security threat in using these software.

Florida water plant was hacked by hackers due to poor password security.

Check out this link

The same security threat is applicable to accessing UR Cobots through VNC software.

When you access the UR cobots from a remote location over the internet, make sure that all the security measures are taken by the software that you use.

Here is how RoboMon Software overcomes the security threat.

  • RoboMon uses secure HTTP connection (HTTPS). HTTPS protocol is the de-facto standard for web security and it follows 256-bit SSL encryption.

    • Communication between UR Cobot and RoboMon cloud server is over HTTPS

    • Communication between RoboMon cloud server and user's browser is over HTTPS

    • Proprietary algorithm is used for transferring screen data.

  • Authenticated user only is allowed to establish remote access session with UR cobots.

  • The user's login credential is encrypted and stored in the RoboMon server. So, nobody can understand the password.

  • The operator needs to start the Remote Access service on UR cobot whenever the remote user wants to access.

  • A new four-digit key is generated at the cobot side for each remote access session.

  • RoboMon verifies if the user access the right UR cobot before establishing the remote access session.

Check the other benefits of using RoboMon solution in this blog page Easy Remote Access to UR Cobot.


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