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High time to improve your maintenance team productivity

In the last two decades, the world has transformed a lot in the way how human works and leads his life.

From every inch we move to every penny we spend are digitized. All these digital transformations help us be more productive in our short lifetime.

If your maintenance team is still following the legacy approach (paper work), It's high time to digitize the maintenance process.

Major paint points of a maintenance team
  • Unable to track history of maintenance records completed for an equipment.

  • Unable to store the knowledge base of a mission critical problem

  • Lack of collaboration between production and maintenance team

  • Unable to track the AMC and warranty dues

  • Manual errors in keeping the maintenance records

  • Repeated efforts spent weekly and monthly to generate maintenance reports

  • Complexity in planning preventive maintenance work orders

  • Insufficient data to optimize the preventive maintenance work orders

Key functions to be present in the Software Solution
  • Work Order Management

  • Asset Management

  • Spare Parts inventory

  • Analytics

  • Knowledge base about previous maintenance works

  • Maintenance Planner

  • Mobile App & Web based interface

Prism offers a complete O&M platform for operations and maintenance team to manage the maintenance work and monitor the operations of the industrial assets.


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