Daily PM Checklist

Before starting the work in a shift, the machine operators update the status of the Preventive Maintenance checklist on Paper. The Supervisor will review the same on daily basis.

Since this PM Checklist is updated daily, it is difficult for the maintenance team to follow this check sheets to make some informed decisions.

Prism helps the maintenance team digitize this daily PM check list kept on papers. Prism simplifies the PM checklist work for the Machine Operators and the Supervisors.

Create a PM checklist in Prism for a machine or a group of machines. In general, Machine Vendors supply these daily PM checklists templates.

Open the Prism mobile app. Scan the QR code of the machine if available. Go to the PM checklist tab. After completing each item in the list, update the status in the mobile app.

The supervisor can review the same from his laptop or PC.

Check the preventive

Benefits of this Daily PM Checklist feature :

  1. zero paper work

  2. anytime can review the old records

  3. Multiple PM checklists for a machine based on its schedule like daily/weekly/monthly

Preventive Maintenance Work Orders

In case if the maintenance team wants to execute preventive maintenance work order for a machine or a group of machine, they can create preventive maintenance work orders.

Check out this blog https://www.daacoworks.com/post/preventive-maintenance-tips-for-cnc-machines