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How to create Preventive Maintenance Work Orders in Prism CMMS?

If the maintenance team plans its Preventive Maintenance Work Orders more wisely, it can increase the uptime and lifetime of the equipment. In Prism CMMS software, it's easy to create Preventive Maintenance (PM) Work Orders in Prism CMMS web and mobile app.

Here are the steps to create PM work orders in the Prism CMMS web application:

  • Login to Prism application

  • Go to Work Order Module. Click 'Add Work Order'.

  • Fill in the mandatory fields like Subject, Assets, Category, Priority, AssignTo

  • Subject - enter a short description of the PM work

  • Category - Select Preventive (Preventive, Inspection, Safety, Breakdown, Service Request)

  • Priority - Set priority to the work order as Low/Medium/High

  • AssignTo - Select the technician from the list

  • Supervisor - You may assign a Supervisor for the PM work order. Prism will notify the Supervisor once the technician finishes the work. The supervisor can review the work and approve the same.

  • Schedule the Work Order as daily or weekly or Every (after a fixed number of days)

  • Daily - Prism will create one work order daily

  • Weekly - you can select one or more days in a week

  • Every - Enter number of days in the 'days' field. Prism will create the work order periodically after the fixed number of days

The Following attributes are optional fields.

  • Tasks - Click the '+' icon in the Tasks section. Select the Tasks and assign to the assets.

The technician will follow the instructions given in the task procedures while working on the PM work order. Ensure that the task procedures are already added in Prism. To add Task procedures, check this blog post.

  • Photos - Add photos to this PM work order if required

  • Bill of Materials - If any spare part or component is to be changed for this work, create a bill of material and add it to this PM work order. To create a bill of material, check this link.

  • Approvers - Pre-Approvers, Post-Approvers

  • Pre-Approvers - Add someone from your team as a pre-approver for this work order. The pre-approver will approve the work for the technician to start (for example someone from the safety team will check the safety aspect before the technician uses the equipment for PM work)

  • Post-Approvers - Add someone from your team as a post-approver for this work order. The post-approver will approve the work after the technician completes the work. (for example, someone from the quality team will check the equipment from a quality aspect before making it available for production)


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