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Customer Success Story: Remote Access to UR Cobots

Su-Pad is a renowned supplier of equipment and machinery for the plastics industry - with a specialization in injection molding and Robotic Automation. Su-Pad is a leading robotics-based automation solution provider in Israel.

Post commissioning, Su-Pad gets a technical query from their customers to change program logic or waypoints in UR cobots. Su-Pad values customers' time and wants to support immediately over the internet.

Su-Pad contacted us for RoboMon after receiving good feedback from one of our mutual customers Perrigo (in Israel).

RoboMon provides Remote Access capability to access the UR cobot's teach pendant from a remote location on a web browser over the internet. No additional hardware is needed.

Su-Pad has supplied UR cobots + RoboMon to their customer in Israel. And the customer has shipped the manufacturing cell to a production site abroad.

Su-pad is able to support the end customer from Israel online whenever technical assistance is needed for the end customer abroad.

RoboMon is available as a cloud-based service or as On-Premise Solution.

Check out this link to know how RoboMon is more secure to access UR cobots from remote location

Daacoworks provides multiple solutions to access and monitor the UR cobots and other industrial assets from remote. Check this link for more details.


  • Effective Customer Support

  • Saving Time & Money from travel

  • Increase in the Uptime of UR cobots


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