To connect the UR cobot to the Local Area Network, the IT team of the factory need to lay a long LAN cable between UR cobot and nearby LAN switch. Instead, UR cobot controller can be connected directly to the wifi network. Follow this step by step guide to solve the connectivity problem.

How to connect the UR cobots to factory Wi-Fi network

A router, for example, TP Link router, shall be used as a Range Extender. In this mode, the router can copy and reinforce the existing wireless signal to extend the coverage of the signal, especially for a large space to eliminate signal-blind corners.

In this blog, we have used TPLink router WR840N to connect the UR cobots into a wi-fi network.

Steps to set up a TP Link router as Range extender. Power on the router and connect it to your Laptop/Desktop through LAN cable.

1. Connect to TP Link router’s web interface. (

Login Credentials:

User Name: admin

Password: admin

You can refer these credentials at the back of the router.


2. After Login, you will be landing on the Status page.


3. Do Navigate to ‘Operation Mode’ on the left side and select ‘Range Extender’ from the available list.


4. Click ‘Save’ after selecting ‘Range Extender’ from the list.

Router needs a reboot to bring the change in effect. Click Ok in the dialog to confirm the reboot.


5. Rebooting


6. After reboot, Select ‘Wireless’ in the left side.

As the router is as ‘Range Extender’ now, need to scan and find the network to extend to.

Click ‘Scan’ to find your network.


7. Select your network

After scanning, the router will display the list of networks available. Select your network by ‘SSID’ and click the ‘Connect’ link.

8. Password for the network.

Do input password of your network and save it.

9. Do navigate to ‘Status’ page again.

Do check and confirm that ‘Operation Mode’ is ‘Range Extended’.

Also, check that SSID Name shows the network you extended.


Now, you can connect the UR cobots into the tplink router via a short LAN cable. The experiment shown in this page uses a TP Link router as Range Extender. In your case, it could be some other router, but the concept is the same. You should be able to do the same kind of setup with any other router that can work as Range Extender.

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