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Why did we develop DaacoX?

We identified the need for DaacoX while I was talking to a maintenance engineer a few months ago. The maintenance engineer works in shifts in the manufacturing industry. His main responsibility is to keep the machines up and running.

If there is any malfunction in the machines reported, he will have to solve it without any delay. If the issue demands expert to take a look, then the supplier will send the expert to the facility to solve the problem. The more turnaround time to solve the problem builds more pressure on everyone in the ladder from CXO to the Maintenance engineer.

Sometimes technical issues in the machines are unavoidable. But, the time taken to resolve the issue can be minimized significantly.

In some cases, the engineer has to modify the configurations in the machines to address his new requirements. I refer to CNC, PLC, and other industrial assets as machines here.

From my conversation with the engineer, I could find out what he needs to do to perform his role better:

  1. The maintenance engineer should be having the realtime data the machines generate at least for 14 days. So that from the data, he will be able to detect some anomalies.

  2. The maintenance engineer or the expert should have access to the machine from remote over the internet so that the issue is addressed immediately.

Our existing RoboMon customers also were facing the same problems to solve any technical issue in the robots.

After using RoboMon software, they can

  1. access the robots from remote to modify the program

  2. take informed decisions about the technical problem with the data collected.

Whereas this maintenance engineer who is handling CNC, PLC, and other industrial assets, spending many hours in identifying and solving the problems. So, he badly needs support to save his precious time and machines UpTime.

We realized that it's a true problem to solve and started working on it. By the time when we were ready with DaacoX, COVID-19 was (is) trending globally. This is the perfect timing for DaacoX to help the maintenance engineers perform their responsibilities from remote or get help from experts over the internet.

Like this maintenance engineer, who else can reap the benefit of using DaacoX?.

System Integrators, Machine builders, AMC service providers, and Machine suppliers can use DaacoX to connect to the industrial assets from remote to resolve their customer problems.

IIoT/Industry4.0 solution providers can use DaacoX to collect real-time data from industrial assets and build a solution quickly.

DaacoX helps them

  • Connect to the assets over the internet via a VPN channel

  • Control and troubleshoot the problems in the assets

  • Collect the real-time data from the assets

  • View the live video stream of how the assets are functioning

Use DaacoX

Stay Connected... Stay Informed...


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