Robot monitoring system for Universal Robots


Monitor Robot Status
Improve Robot Performance
Watch Robot Health

Empower your shop floor engineers to improve production

RoboMon records the cycle count as and when it completes. Get rid of manual shop floor data collection process. Spend time to optimize your production process.

Higher the availability, Better the performance

Unaware of robot's unexpected halt is a huge loss. Get notified of robot's critical events immediately and take action.

Optimize the robot program. Yield promising result

RoboMon analyses the robots idle time and provides you deep insight to reduce the idle time.

Avoid unplanned downtime.

Watch the trend of the temperature and current of robot's each joints. Expect the unexpected downtime and take preventive action.

RoboMon Features

Remote Access

Robot Real Time State

Real Time Health Monitoring

Robot Groups

User Management - Basic

I/O Tags

Shop Floor Production Summary

Shop Floor Production Trend

Unlimited Users

Idle Time Root Cause Analysis

OEE Comparison Report

Key OEE Indicator

Historical OEE Trend

Historical Health Statistics

Email/SMS Notifications

Preventive Maintenance

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