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What shop floor manager wants?

Given the fact that robots are introduced in the production line to increase Productivity and improve Quality, monitoring the shop floor and maintaining the uptime of robots and other machines are becoming very critical for a shop floor manager.

A typical shop floor manager of a manufacturing production line will perform the below-mentioned responsibilities on a daily basis.

  • Resolving manufacturing and maintenance problems

  • Evaluate existing manufacturing activity

  • Directs production activities in accordance with productions schedules

  • Ensuring maximum utilization of assigned resources, machines, personnel, and materials

  • Must have complete knowledge of production scheduling and shop operations

  • Know how to setup, operate, and troubleshoot Machine Tools

In order to accomplish his duties, he should be equipped with the correct information about his shop floor always. Information can be related to the production or condition of the equipments used in the production line.

The shop floor manager would want to use software to

  1. View the live updates of my production line

  2. Check the trend of the OEE metrics

  3. Be alerted before any catastrophic event

  4. Monitor the KPI targets

  5. Solve production issues remotely

  6. Identify the bottlenecks of my shop floor

  7. Receive alerts for any anomalies found

  8. Generate various reports

RoboMon helps the shop floor manager achieve his responsibilities effortlessly.


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