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The role of Communication in Effective Maintenance Management

Effective communication is very important for successful Maintenance Management. The ability to communicate with the respective stakeholders in a facility is the first step to resolving any issues that are to be addressed. In the context of Facility Maintenance, effective communication plays a vital role in the smooth operations of the Facility or Manufacturing Plant under various circumstances:

Breakdown or Reactive Maintenance

whenever equipment stops functioning suddenly, it needs to be attended to in no time. The respective person or the team needs to inform the Maintenance Team of all the required details of the equipment failure.

The information about the equipment failure should contain

  • a brief description of the failure

  • location of the equipment

  • details of the equipment

This information should be sent to the correct team immediately. Upon receiving the message the Maintenance Team needs to react quickly. In this communication process, we need to make sure that there is no manual error in the information shared and that the information is shared without delay.

Prism software ensures that respective stakeholders can share the information in real-time over a mobile app without manual errors.

Simplified Breakdown Maintenance Workflow in Prism

Planned Preventive Maintenance

Proper planning and scheduling of the Planned Preventive Maintenance Tasks are the keys to the successful execution of the Preventive Maintenance work. The Plant Maintenance Team needs to discuss the Preventive Maintenance work in detail within their team and communicate the details of the Plan to external stakeholders like facility managers, production managers, and plant heads.

In this process, there is a high possibility for the loss of information while it passes across the teams which leads to delay in the execution of the Planned Maintenance work.

The Maintenance Team needs to discuss the following items in the planning meeting and makes sure that the communication is established well between stakeholders.

  1. List of Preventive Maintenance Tasks to be performed

  2. Total Estimated Effort involved to complete the Tasks

  3. List of equipment that undergoes the Preventive Maintenance Work

  4. Availability of the equipment

  5. Availability of the technicians to perform the Maintenance Work

  6. Pre-requisites

  7. Priority of the Preventive Maintenance Task

  8. Any external dependencies

  9. Technical details of the Preventive Maintenance Tasks

  10. Scheduling the Preventive Maintenance Works

  11. Reporting

Optimized Preventive Maintenance Workflow in Prism

For a smooth Preventive Maintenance execution, Prism software helps to optimize the planning of Planned Preventive Maintenance Work and ensures that all the stakeholders are involved and informed. It's a simple three-step process to be followed by the Maintenance Team.

1. Upload all the Preventive Maintenance Tasks

2. Group the Preventive Maintenance Tasks

3. Schedule the Preventive Maintenance Work

After that, Prism software makes sure that the Preventive Maintenance Works gets executed smoothly. Prism keeps track of the next scheduled Preventive Maintenance Works, notifies all the stakeholders one week before, and tracks the status of the Preventive Maintenance works. The Maintenance Team can execute the scheduled Preventive Maintenance works periodically with the help of Prism software.

Automated Prism PM cycle


Prism makes sure that effective communication is set in place between teams and thereby the Plant Maintenance Team can handle the Maintenance Works smoothly.


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