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Stay Connected... Stay Informed...

Today, we launched our next product DaacoX, the IoT edge software. DaacoX helps the operations and maintenance team stay connected with their industrial assets, solve its problems from remote.

As long as the robots are doing their job without any failure, the ROI on robots will be faster and it will be profitable for the organization in the long run. But, any mechanical equipment will have wear and tear problem and needs periodic replacement. Maintenance of robots will always be a challenge.

Covid-19 pandemic has affected our personal life and the way how we do business across the globe. In the context of business, people use plenty of collaboration tools to stay connected with each other over the internet. Many decisions and deals are done over an online meeting to keep the business functioning.

Whereas in the context of industrial asset's operations and maintenance, O&M team has to deal with the industrial assets in-person to keep it up and running 24/7.

To ensure the safety of those people and solve the problems in industrial assets from remote on time, we are offering our new product DaacoX.

DaacoX is an IoT edge software to connect the industrial assets into the internet.

People can stay connected always with the assets and stay informed of its operations from remote.


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