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RoboMon for Robot As A Service

Robot As A Service is a new business model where collaborative robots like UR cobots are being used by the RaaS providers to rent the cobots. RaaS providers need better software solutions to serve their customer more effectively.

RooMon is an IoT based, Cloud-based production monitoring solution for UR cobots. Since launched as a cloud service, RoboMon now monitors 50+ UR cobots across the globe.

Daacoworks offers RoboMon to address the RaaS provider's specific business requirements.

Using RoboMon, RaaS providers can

  • Connect and control the UR cobots remotely

  • Solve customer issues from their office

  • Provide exclusive access to their customers on their production data

  • Monitor the condition of the UR cobots

  • Receive Email/SMS alerts for critical events

  • Offer value-added services to end customers

  • Have better control over all UR cobots on rent

Now, Daacoworks offers RoboMon as a hosted solution for RaaS providers thereby RaaS providers can own a dedicated server in the cloud to keep their customer's production data.


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