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Release of RoboMon : On-Premise Edition

RoboMon supports the Windows platform. This means that RoboMon can be installed locally in a private network on the Windows Operating System. All the features offered in RoboMon - cloud edition is available in the enterprise edition.

We are very much happy to announce that RoboMon is available as On-Premise software. Now, RoboMon can be installed in a private network on a Windows operating system.

Advantages of On-Premise solution are that

  • Universal Robot cobots need not be connected to the internet.

  • Shop floor production data stays locally within the company's network.

  • Easy to install

  • All the features of the RoboMon Cloud Edition is available.

Download the 14 days trial and explore the RoboMon's features.

RoboMon On-Premise offers the following features:


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