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How to raise Breakdown Maintenance Request in less than a minute in Prism software?

Raise Breakdown Maintenance Request in Prism Software less than a minute from a web browser or mobile phone.

Here is the easy way to raise a Breakdown request in the Prism mobile application:

  • Login to Prism mobile app.

Prism App is available on Google Play Store

  • After logging in to the Prism Mobile App, click the '+' icon and click new work request.

  • In the New Work Request form, add a brief description about the failure of the equipment in the subject field (mandatory field). Add a picture by taking a photo using the mobile camera and more details if you wish to add one (optional). Use QR Code scanner or select the equipment manually to mention the equipment in the breakdown work request. Click the Create button to raise a breakdown work request.

The New Work Request form can also be used to raise any kind of work requests. for example, 1. 'oil leakage on the shop floor', 2. 'damage in the electrical wiring', etc.

Upon raising the breakdown request, the Maintenance Team gets notified immediately.

​The user who raised the breakdown request or any work request cannot approve/convert the request to maintenance work order.

Now, check how the Maintenance team can respond to this breakdown request.


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