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Customer Case Study : Smartlinks

Smartlinks cloud service is being used by our customer Mascot Robotics and Automation to support customers from remote. Smartinks helps save lot of time from travel and reduces the machine down time significantly.

Mascot Robotics and Automation is a product company that has the country’s best CNC Cutting Tools and precision measuring instruments along with Material Handling Equipments in its kitty. Mascot is authorized in providing ISCAR, an Israel metal cutting solution along with German, Korean & Taiwanese Machine Tools Cutting Solutions.

Mascot is the leading universal robots channel partner in India who beliefs in catering Industry 4.0 solutions to their clients, with this vision and mission they are now able to do remote diagnostics and health monitoring of the robotic automation projects and can keep the automation cell 99% up

Solving customer problems is a top priority for Mascot CNC Tools. Whenever the customer needs any technical support, Mascot's engineers used to visit the customer premise to troubleshoot/solve the issue. Depends on the severity of the issue, the turnaround time to resolve the issue becomes highly critical.

Beyond spending time on travel, the engineers need to get an entry pass and complete the regular security check at the customer site. Mascot realized that most of their engineer's time is spent on transit to customer locations than solving the actual problem the customer is facing. Mascot decided to solve customer problems with the help of technology so that they solve customer problems quickly and save a lot of time from travel.

Mascot CNC Tools chose Smartlinks to support their customers from remote. Smartlinks helps the support engineers connect to the Robots, CNC Machines, PLCs, SCADA, and HMI from a remote location.

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