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How to schedule Preventive Maintenance Tasks?

Prism simplifies the Preventive Maintenance Work and digitize it on the go. First import all the PM Tasks, Next group the PM tasks based on respective assets, and its frequency. Then Schedule the PM Work. Prism notifies the Maintenance Team about the next PM work one week before. The technician updates the status of the PM Work on Phone. Prism sends PM Status updates by email

  1. Add or Import Preventive Maintenance Tasks

  2. Create a Task Group

  3. Schedule Preventive Maintenance Work

  4. Preventive Maintenance Cycle

1. Add or Import Preventive Maintenance Tasks
  • Login to Prism Web application

  • Go to Tasks Module

  • Create a new P M task

  • The P M Task should contain details like what to do, how to perform , the expected result, the alternate action if expected result is failed, and the estimated Time to complete the P M Task.

  • Now, you can also import the P M tasks in Prism.

Import PM Tasks
2. Create a Task Group
  • Go to Tasks Module

  • Select one or more tasks.

  • Click 'Create Task Group'.

  • Enter the name of the task group.

  • New Task Group is created successfully.

  • Use this Task Group to create a new P M Work.

Create Task Group
3. Schedule a Preventive Maintenance Work
  • Go to Tasks Module

  • Click the 'PM Work' tab

  • Open New PM Work form

  • Enter a name for the PM work

  • Select PM Tasks or Task Groups

  • Select the Assets

  • Schedule the PM Work

  • Assign Technicians

Schedule PM Work
Preventive Maintenance Cycle
  • Prism sends Preventive Maintenance alert by email.

  • The technician can update the status of the PM work on phone.

  • Prism sends a Maintenance Summary email every day to the Maintenance Team.

PM Cycle
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