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Shop floor OEE metrics

It is very important for the top floor executives to track the shop floor OEE metrics in order to make informed decisions on the production. Without a line reporting tool, it would be cumbersome to monitor the shop floor production results. RoboMon becomes handy which provides a 360-degree view of the shop floor's OEE Trend.

RoboMon monitors the two key OEE parameters Availability (Utilization) and Performance of the Universal Robots closely and provides a detailed report to the users based on a period selected from last one hour to one year.

Performance (Cycles)

RoboMon gets the notification as and when the UR cobot completes a cycle. Cobot programmer is advised to add the 'DaacoX Cycle counter' program node in their program. As seen in the cycles chart given below, the user can appreciate the total number of cycles completed by the UR cobot for a selected time duration.

Availability (Utilization)

RoboMon gets the notification as and when the UR cobot's state is changed. There are many states defined by Universal Robots for UR cobots. To compute the availability of the UR cobots, RoboMon calculates the duration of the 'Running' state of the UR cobots. The total time duration of the 'Running' state for a selected period is shown as given in the above image. As shown in the chart given below, the user can see the total duration of each state for a given time duration.

Wait Time

While executing the program, UR cobots will wait for I/O signals from sensors or input from users. Currently, the program uses the 'Wait' program node provided by UR Polyscope.

UR Cobot programmer is advised to use 'DaacoX wait time' program node in their program to wait for I/O inputs from the sensors or input from the user itself. User will assign a reason for each wait node. So that RoboMon can compute the wait duration of each wait and show a total time duration of each wait for a selected time range. 'DaacoX wait time' is a wrapper over an existing wait node.


Effectiveness shows the total time duration at which the robot is in full motion without waiting for any input either from the UR cobot users or IO sensors.

To explain it better,

Effectiveness ~ Utilization - Wait Time

The above mentioned four key parameters are represented in the respective charts.


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