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Organize your Plant Maintenance Information

Google organises the world's information and makes it universally accessible and useful to everyone. Likewise, the plant maintenance team also can organise their plant maintenance information, and make it accessible and useful to themselves if they use Prism software.

Training a new maintenance technician costs a lot for the company in terms of time and money. The Maintenance Supervisor or a senior Maintenance Technician won't be able to share their complete knowledge about the plant maintenance work with the newly joined maintenance technician amidst their busy schedule.

So, the new maintenance technician takes more time to gain knowledge on a trial-and-error basis. This will be a challenge for the plant maintenance team forever if their knowledge of maintenance work is not digitized.

Prism offers a solution to this problem. Let's see how Prism solves it.

Prism helps the maintenance team digitize all their maintenance tasks. No additional effort is required.

Tips to organize Plant Maintenance Information:
  1. Let your maintenance technician update the maintenance work orders through Prism mobile app daily.

  2. Let your maintenance technician prepare solution documents for any complex problems he solved and upload the same in Prism.

  3. Upload the user manuals shared by the vendors into Prism.

  4. Technician conversation with other team members related to a work order is stored in the work order forever.

  5. Prism allows the technician to search the past maintenance work history using various filter criteria like problem description, owner, and technician completion notes.

Prism maintains the knowledge base of the maintenance works, making it accessible to the Plant maintenance team. So, the maintenance technician can complete the maintenance work within the expected time duration.

Though the employee leaves the organization, his knowledge of maintenance work stays with the organization once Prism digitizes it.

Use Prism Software. keep your plant maintenance information organized for quick access.

Benefits of organising the plant maintenance information:
  • Improved Team Efficiency

  • Reduced Training Time

  • Ability to solve machine breakdown issues faster

  • Reduced Machine downtime

  • Increased Production

  • Huge time save


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