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How to create Maintenance Task Procedures in Prism CMMS?

The maintenance team can add unlimited Task procedures in Prism. Later, while the team creates the new maintenance work order, they can add these task procedures to it.

  • Open chrome browser. Login to Prism Application.

  • Go to Tasks Module. Click 'Add new Task'

Task Procedure has the following attributes

  • Description - a short description of the task

  • what to inspect? - Detailed information explaining what to inspect

  • how to inspect? - Detailed step-by-step instructions explaining how to inspect

  • Expected Result - Detailed information explaining the expected result after performing the steps mentioned in the section on how to inspect

  • Action if failed - Detailed instruction to perform if failed to meet expected result.

The user can fill in the details of all the attributes and add the Task Procedure.

To add multiple Task Procedures, prepare the task procedures in an excel sheet and import it into Prism


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