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How to create Bill of Materials in Prism CMMS?

The maintenance team can create a Bill of Material template in Prism. The BoM template has the details of the parts and their count. The maintenance team can add the BoM template to the work order.

For example, the oil filter is to be replaced on multiple machines. The Maintenance Planner can create Preventive Maintenance Work Orders in Prism. While creating the PM work order, he can add the Bill of Material (BoM) template.

  • Open Chrome browser. Login to the Prism application

  • Go to the Bill of Materials Module. Click add Bill of Material.

  • Bill of Material template has the following attributes

  • Name - name of the template

  • Asset - select the asset (equipment) name

  • Parts - list of parts to include in the template

    • Select the part

    • Add quantity

Thus, the Bill of Material (BoM) template is created in Prism application. The BoM template can be added in the maintenance work order so that the technician will collect the correct spare part from the store.

To know more about parts inventory, check this link.


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