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Handle the Asset breakdown maintenance work request efficiently.

Anyone on the shop floor can use Prism App to raise breakdown work request whenever a machine stopped working. All the maintenance team members get a notification on their phones immediately. The maintenance Supervisor can assign the work to one of his team members or anyone can voluntarily assign it to themselves.

Now, the technician goes to the machine, identifies the problem, solves it, and makes the machine available for production. After solving the problem, the technician will update the work order with the details of the work done by him on the machine, and submit it for manager review.

Now, the supervisor gets the notification on his phone. The supervisor reviews the work done by the technician. If everything is OK, he will complete the work order.

Upon completing the work order, Prism sends a notification to the one who initiated the breakdown work request. The initiator will check the status of the machine. If the machine is in working condition, he will approve the work done.

This is how the breakdown maintenance work request is handled efficiently without any time delay. Prism makes sure that everyone on the shop floor collaborates efficiently through the mobile app, and stores the complete information about the work order for future reference, and reporting purpose.


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