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Effective Maintenance drives Machine Uptime and Production

In the past 30 years, we have transformed how we communicate with others.

All our communications are digitized and simplified, and we can access our past communication records forever. Digital Transformation helps us do more with fewer resources.

But, still, most of the maintenance teams are not yet adapted to digital transformation. To increase the machine's uptime and production throughput, we have to improve the maintenance team's efficiency.

Six sigma in manufacturing suggests documenting the operational data, analyzing, and improving efficiency.

According to Forrester's report, up to 73% of company data goes unused.

In manufacturing plants, the maintenance teams face practical challenges in handling maintenance requests due to a lack of collaboration between the production and maintenance teams and a lack of knowledge from previous work history.

Prism CMMS overcomes these challenges through its simple-to-use mobile and web app solution. Prism digitizes the complete breakdown maintenance workflow and builds a digital knowledge base for the maintenance team to refer to in the future.

Prism CMMS documents and analyses the maintenance records for the maintenance team to make informed decisions.

Use Prism O&M software. Digitize the complete maintenance processes.

Check out the two minutes video that explains how the maintenance and production teams can collaborate digitally.


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