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Digitize the Preventive Maintenance Workflow

The most challenging job for the plant maintenance team is to schedule the preventive maintenance works for all the equipment. The maintenance planner keeps all the PM schedule details on an A3 sheet of paper or a spreadsheet.

Keeping the Maintenance plan on paper or in the form of a spreadsheet is very cumbersome. As and when a change is required, the planner updates the sheet multiple times and at various places.

Before software was introduced for a school management system, some teachers used to prepare the timetable for each class and teachers. It's a painful job.

Similar to the school timetable task, the Maintenance Planner struggles to make an ideal preventive maintenance plan for all equipment by considering the availability of the assets, the availability of the technicians, and the kind of PM schedules given by the equipment suppliers.

If PM tasks are not scheduled properly or the PM tasks are not completed as per the expected schedule, it affects the uptime and lifetime of the equipment.

To resolve this challenge, Prism software helps the maintenance planner simplifies the Preventive Maintenance workflow. No more paperwork or complex work.

It's a three-step process. 1. Upload all the PM tasks, 2. Create a PM checklist. 3. Schedule PM checklist

1. Upload all the PM tasks

Prepare a spreadsheet for all the PM tasks and upload it to Prism software

2. Create PM checklist

Group the PM tasks based on their nature or order of execution. Create a PM checklist with PM tasks or task groups.

3. Schedule PM checklist

While creating the PM checklist select one or more assets, select one or more technicians, select frequency type (daily/weekly/quarterly/half yearly/Annual)

Once the above-mentioned three steps are completed, Prism tracks the PM schedule and notifies the respective technicians by email one week before.

The technician can plan to reserve the equipment for PM work scheduled in the following week. The technician updates the status of the PM tasks on a mobile phone or tablet.


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