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Are your robots performing as expected?

Robots are introduced in the production line to increase Productivity and improve Quality. Monitoring the shop floor production and maintaining the uptime of robots are very essential for a shop floor manager.

As long as the robots are doing their job without any failure, the ROI on robots will be faster and it will be profitable for the organization in the long run. But, any mechanical equipment will have wear and tear problem and needs periodic replacement. Maintenance of robots will always be a challenge.

Challenges of using robots in Manufacturing

1. Performance Monitoring: The maintenance or production team should have accurate data on how long the robots are actively used for production?, Was it idle during shift hours? How long was it waiting for sensor inputs? To improve the performance of the robots, the user should have answers to these questions.

2. Condition Monitoring: Most of the time, Cobot users are not aware of any errors in the robots until they stop working. Unexpected failure in the robot leads to heavy loss in the production. Users need to be informed well in advance about the problems in the robots. So that he can take preventive measures to avoid robot failures.

3. Remote Access: Robots need to be accessible by experts from anywhere to resolve any technical issue or modify the program to address the new production requirements.

4. Digital Transformation: Any robotic action needs to be automated as much as possible. Robot automates the manual repeated work in the production line. Before and post the introduction of robots, people are doing some paperwork daily and for every shift. To transform the organization from paperwork to the digital world, such manual processes also to be automated. So that human resource's precious time can be invested in more productive works.

With the help of RoboMon, you can

  • Measure the Performance and Availability of the robots

  • Monitor the condition of all the joints of the robots

  • Automate the manual processes (paperwork)

  • Access/Control the robots from anywhere

  • Take informed decision to increase production


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