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Review & Complete the Work Order


breakdown Request

Approve the breakdown Work Request

Submit the breakdown Work Order for review

the Work Order

How to handle breakdown maintenance Request?

In Prism, Breakdown Maintenance Process is simplified and digitized on the go without additional effort.

1. Raise breakdown Work Request

Raise a breakdown request less than a minute. The entire maintenance team receives a notification on their phone.

Anyone can raise a breakdown request. But, the user who raised the breakdown request cannot approve/convert the request into a maintenance work order.

(27 secs)

2. Approve the breakdown Request

  • Open the new Breakdown Request

  • Approve the Request.

  • Anyone from the maintenance team can approve the breakdown request.

  • After approval, new 'Maintenance Work Order' is created. 

  • The new maintenance work order gets assigned to the one who approved it. Later, he can re-assign to someone else in the team.

(18 secs)

3. Submit the Work Order for review

(47 secs)

  • Open the new Maintenance Work Order

  • Click 'Start' button to start the work.

  • After completing the work, update following sections

    • Photos - attach photos before and after completing the work

    • Parts - update the parts used (if any)

    • Breakdown reason - enter the failure reason  

    • Hours Spent - enter the amount of time spent for the work

    • Technician Report - Include the details of the solution provided

  • Click the 'submit' button for Supervisor Review

4. Review and Complete the Work Order

  • Supervisor gets notified. The Supervisor can review the work done. If everything is fine, the Supervisor can complete the work by clicking the 'complete' button

  • For minor work, the technician can compete the work by himself.

  • Upon completion of the work, the user who raised the breakdown request gets notified. The requested user can verify the asset and approve the maintenance work from his end if everything is fine as expected.

(19 secs)

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