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How to create a breakdown maintenance work request in Prism Mobile App?

  1. Install the Prism CMMS Mobile App from Google Play store

  2. Login to the Prism App

  3. Open New Work Request form

  4. Add a short description in the subject field (only this field is mandatory)

  5. Take a photo and attach to the work request

  6. Add more detail in the description field

  7. Use the QR code scanner or select the asset from the list

  8. Create a new breakdown request

Anyone can create a new work request. The Maintenance manager can add any number of users as requesters in Prism. All the requesters are free users. The entire maintenance team will receive notifications on their phone about the new work request. Anyone from the maintenance team can approve the work request. A new maintenance work order gets created.

check the below video that explains how to handle a breakdown request.

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