In the IoT world, we keep hearing a lot of buzzwords like things, data collection, M2M connectivity, Industry4.0, IIoT. Across globe tons of products from big companies to startups are available in the market. Everybody claims that they make innovation and differentiation in their products and solutions from others.

Finally, to the end user selecting a solution is so confusing like choosing a movie to watch from a video stream service in television.

No doubt. We are also one of those companies who provides products and solutions in the Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 space. We agree that being unique and creative is essential in the industry. But, being simple is more important than anything else. In our view, simplicity is a superset of uniqueness and creativity.

Any internet of things solution should involve four fundamental elements.

  • Thing - the source of data
  • Data - has a lot of insights about the thing
  • Application - consumes the data and visualize it
  • User - takes decision and action based on data

Our team ensures that these four things are connected well in our products and solutions that we build.

Our products are simple to use, rich in feature sets, and affordable to buy.

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